East Anglia Hub

GoBe has been supporting Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) with expert post-consent and compliance support on the now operational East Anglia ONE project since 2014. GoBe is absolutely delighted to announce that it will continue to provide post-consent compliance consultancy on SPR’s wider East Anglia portfolio, now combined as the new ‘East Anglia Hub’ project.

The team at GoBe is incredibly excited to be starting this new piece of work in the East Anglia region and is looking forward to building on GoBe’s relationship with the SPR development team. We will also be working alongside onshore consents managers SLR and Stephenson Halliday, and seeking specialist advice from Maritime Archaeology, SMRU Consulting and Subacoustech.

The East Anglia Hub comprises three development projects in the southern North Sea with a total capacity of up to 3.1GW. You can find out more here.

GoBe senior project manager, Sarah Strong, said: “It’s been incredibly rewarding to have worked on East Anglia ONE over the last six years and throughout construction, to now see it as a fully constructed wind farm. Having visited the wind farm myself and witnessed first-hand what amazing projects these can be, I’m really looking forward to building on my experiences and applying my knowledge to this next phase of work with The East Anglia Hub”.

GoBe project director, Steve Bellew, added: “We’re delighted to be able to continue supporting SPR, having built fantastic relationships over many years with the teams involved. Post-consent work is a big part of our business and is an area where, as a company, we are lucky to have some of the best and most experienced individuals there are here at GoBe”.

GoBe has a wealth of experience in the post-consent compliance world, providing advice, services and support on aspects such as the production of compliance documentation required to meet consent conditions, developing and managing schemes for environmental monitoring and mitigation, and providing strategic advice on the process. Click here to find out more about this, and other services that the GoBe team can provide to support your offshore and coastal projects.