GIS and Data Management

GoBe have a team of experienced GIS professionals capable of providing innovative solutions and expertise to projects which involve the collation, analysis, modelling and dissemination of spatial data and products..

In addition to routine data visualisation and figure production, GoBe staff also specialise in the development of bespoke tools and scripts to efficiently perform complex analysis tasks, such as multicriteria analysis for offshore wind farm site selection studies, predictive habitat mapping and modelling the impact of recreation on conservation features .

GoBe provide data management services which meet industry standards, such as MEDIN and INSPIRE and staff have been closely involved in the development of such standards. GoBe also maintain an extensive library of spatial datasets collated over years of working with both onshore and offshore environmental data, ranging from survey data to modelled products and marine management boundary definition.

With a thorough understanding of data formats, metadata processes and industry requirements GoBe are able to offer a GIS service which meets the needs of clients involved in a diverse range of projects.

Our GIS expertise includes:

  • Data management and ensuring compliance to relevant data standards
  • Data processing and conversion
  • Data visualisation and figure production
  • Development focused site selection studies and constraints mapping
  • Multicriteria analysis
  • Predictive habitat modelling
  • Multiple activity impact modelling
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Spatial confidence assessments
  • Quality assurance of client spatial products
  • Online surveys to collate spatial data