World Poetry Day 2023

In honour of World Poetry Day, we asked everyone in the APEM Group to put on their writing hats and pen some poems – with fantastic results!

The winner was the poem, ‘The Marshes’:

The Marshes

Long legs with ancient feet splay atop the mud,

Slender bills forage along the freshwater’s edge,

A static vista of wing bars erupts as the skittish retreat,

And the marshes come to life.

Soft notes carry on the biting harbour breeze,

Between winter branches opportunists flit,

Seasonal berries a plentiful bounty amongst the morning frost,

And the marshes come to life.

Golden skeins break the bright morning horizon,

A cacophony of discordant calls signal their clockwork arrival,

The cold grazing marsh transitioned into a spectacle,

And the marshes come to life.

And our runner up was the powerful and sobering ‘The Tides of Change’. Download a PDF to read all of the entries here.