Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Compliance

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is a 84 turbine offshore wind farm located in the Moray Firth 13 km from the Caithness coastline.

The project received consent from Scottish Ministers in October 2014 and commenced construction in April 2017. Once operational the project will have a generating capacity of 588 MW and will represent one of the biggest private investment projects ever constructed in Scotland.

GoBe consultants were employed as lead post-consent compliance advisors on the Project and provided the following key services prior to and during construction:

  • Managed the delivery programme of a suite of consent plans required by the Section 36 Consent and Marine Licence conditions;
  • Drafted and submitted the first full suite of consent plan documentation to Marine Scotland receiving excellent feedback from regulators and stakeholders on our approach and the quality of the plans, with minimal comments received in all cases (and thereby significantly de-risking the consent compliance process for the client);
  • Delivered compliance advice to principle contractors engaged on the project;
  • Supported the  BOWL consents and licensing team throughout stakeholder consultation and negotiation;
  • Supported the BOWL consents and licensing team in a number of pre-construction and construction conditions attached to the project consents.