Strategic review of Renewable Energy Capacity in the South West

Marine Context

The Resilience Centre was commissioned by Molly Scott Cato Member of European Parliament (MEP) to undertake a study into the ability of the South West of England to provide a reliable energy base load from renewable sources. The Resilience Centre commissioned GoBe to undertake this feasibility study.

The key aims of the study were to:

  • Provide a review of the marine energy resource (including offshore wind, wave, tidal range and tidal stream) across the South West region;
  • Identify ‘near term’ (up to 2030) marine projects within the South West;
  • Outline the potential marine device types that may be deployed in the South West and understand their potential contribution to overall energy generation; and
  • Highlight relevant economic benefits, drawn from information on gross value added (GVA) or employment, anticipated from the development of marine energy projects within the South West.

The report fed into a wider piece of work being undertaken by the Resilience Centre that demonstrated the ability of renewable energy to provide reliable, base load energy for the South West of England.